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Features available for FREE

Time Tracking

Track the time your employees spend on completing the given tasks.

Application Monitoring

Track your workers’ application usage during work time.

Website Tracking

Get a report outlining which websites and web applications were used.

Offline Mode

WorkComposer operates in offline mode and syncs the data when there is a internet connection available.

Break Time Tracking

The break time tracking feature enables you to see how much time is spent on the breaks during the day.

Activity Tracking

Track the keystroke and mouse click number record of your employees throughout the working hours.

Help your team to avoid distractions and work their full 8 hours without getting side tracked by Facebook, Youtube or other personal activity. Watch your team improving efficiency instantly.

Popup checking if user is still working

Download for Windows, MacOS, Linux

Finally, get beautiful reports to analyze the productivity and to make sure everyone in your team is working efficiently.



Download for Windows, MacOS, Linux

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