Breakdown for Time Tracking Modes

Automated Tracking

WorkComposer has an automated mode of tracking the user’s time. By default, the tool is set on an automation mode unless the user optimizes the settings. The first step is to register for a free trial to try things out and live the experience before proceeding any further.

This is how it works,

  • Once the user signs in, he/she won’t be logged out unless they intentionally do.
  • After the user is onto work, or the system is ON, the software senses the activity and records every move.
  • A user may find a “Finish” button on the screen where if one feels like taking a break for whatever the purpose, this feature enables him to get so done.
  • In case of a break, the tool will sense the inactivity and record the idle time.
  • A break will automatically be sensed and recorded in the system, without having an employee consciously hit any button. Not to forget, “Finish” button can be used for the duration when an employee doesn’t want his activity to be tracked.

Additional Features

  • Broadly, it runs on autopilot. But it’s subjected to change based on the selected mode.
  • This mode is user-friendly, as it doesn’t expect the user to consciously set an active/inactive interval.

Manual Tracking

In this mode, the user is supposed to Start/Finish the time block manually by using the interface. By default, WorkComposer stays on Automatic Mode, so here’s a way if you’d like to change the settings and turn into a manual mode.

  • On left side bar, click on “Settings”
  • Select “Organization Settings”
  • Click on ‘Tracking Settings”
  • Right at the top, there’s an option to Enable/Disable automatic tracking. Choose whatever you find feasible for your business.

Additional Features

  • It hands over the control directly to the user. Moreover, a pop slides over the screen if a person, for some reason, forgets resuming the tracker.

Fusion Mode (Stealth)

The Stealth is basically designed for the stratum where the user has minimal or no interaction with the WorkComposer. This sort of mode is administered by the governing body. It works the same way as an automated tracking mode, but in this case - it’s hidden and doesn’t interfere or intervene in any of the activities performed by the user.

To enable this mode, follow the steps:

  • Click “Settings”, on the left hand side.
  • Select “Organization Settings”
  • Click “Tracking Settings”
  • Enable “Stealth Mode”

Additional Features

  • Automatic, quick and hassle-free.
  • Runs in the background, thus causing no disturbance to the end-user.

Additional Information

1. When enabling the Stealth Mode, please restart the computer.

2. In automatic and manual modes, there’s an option for you to schedule a break time. The pop up will come over and let you know when it’s the time to leave.

3. “Allow Work away from the Computer” isn’t functional in Stealth Mode.


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