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Meet the
WorkComposer Team

We're obsessed about time here at WorkComposer. We all have the same twenty-four hours starting point every single day. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. Now whoever utilizes their time the best are the ones who progress faster.

Our Goal

To help individuals and organizations be more productive.
To help people stop wasting their lives on distractions
and finish what is important to them instead.

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Say hello to the fine folks who make
WorkComposer such a great application!

Hayk Baghdasaryan
CTO, Director of Product
Silva Ghazaryan
Customer Support Department
Liliana Gabrielyan
Senior Software Developer
Mark Rodenhiser
Customer Support Agent
Armen Vardanyan
Software Developer
Eva Abramyan
QA Specialist
Andrew Grosman
Senior Software Developer
George Areyan
Software Engineer

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Have you been oblivious to all this? Don't worry, the
user interface at WorkComposer is purposefully
designed to be obvious. All you need is a
dedication to upgrade and enhance the overall
team competence.

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