How It Works

WorkComposer is a Time Tracking Software designed for Remote, Distributed, and Co-Located teams. Make sure your team is actually getting work done.

Setting up WorkComposer

First of all, you need to register your organization on the WorkComposer website. You are then ready to invite your team members to join your organization to track their work time and watch the reports flowing. From within the WorkComposer app, go to "Settings"->"User Management" page. Here you can see the list of all the users associated with your organization, and you can invite new members using the invitation box on the top. Every invited user will receive an email with the "Join now" link, allowing them to create an account inside your organization. Once people start joining, you'll start seeing them in the reports, though they might not have any tracking data just yet. The reports page (Users) is the default page when you open the WorkComposer. You can also navigate to it by clicking the "Reports" button from the left menu. If you see your team members on the Users Overview page, then you're all set!

Team members start tracking the time

Now when the team members start working, they need to click the "Start" button (top left side), and the tracker will start counting the time worked and collect some additional data for the reports like Screenshots(optional), activity, etc. At the end of the day, the employee clicks on the "Finish Work" button to stop tracking. Once the tracker is stopped, WorkComposer will stop collecting any data, and the computer is ready for personal use. Additionally, When going on a break, the employee can use the "Break" button to stop tracking the time but to indicate that he's not done for the day (taking a coffee break, having lunch,...).

Tracking Reports

Team tracking reports are the first page you're being redirected to when you sign in to the WorkComposer desktop app or navigate to "Reports" from the left menu. The same report is generated for each team member.
You can find the worked time and break time right next to the name of the employee. Worked time is the time employee has been actively working with the tracker turned on. Below that, you can see the activity chart, which shows how actively the user has been using the keyboard and mouse while working.
Then, you see the screenshots. Screenshots are being taken every 5 minutes to allow you to track the progress of the job in progress. Click on the screenshot to enlarge it, or click See all screenshots to open the list of all the screenshots, not just the recent ones.
The Tasks section shows the tasks that the user has been working on and how much time has been spent on each task. Users can create and track tasks from the Tasks page on the left menu.
Apps section displays programs and websites the user has been working with while tracking was enabled.

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