Understanding WorkComposer Reports

Understanding the Reports

WorkComposer provides advanced reporting features that allow you to monitor your employees' performance throughout the workday. These customizable reports provide detailed information about how efficiently employees use their work time. You can export almost all reports in Excel or CSV format and generate the reports by users, teams, and dates. Let's dive into the details.

Users Report

This report provides a summary of each employee's work activity. It includes information on their total work time, break time, idle time, the tasks they are currently working on, the apps and websites they have accessed, and the screenshots taken from their computer screens. You can modify the time log by adding manual time or removing manual time entries for users.

Screenshots Report

This report allows you to review the computer activity of each employee during work hours, which includes screenshots taken at different times. You can expand the screenshot to view the apps and websites open at that moment, along with the task name, date, and time. It's important to note that users cannot delete screenshots, but account owners and admins have the privilege to delete the associated time if required.

Tasks Report

This report displays the amount of time allocated to each project and task. It provides detailed information about all projects, including titles, members, durations, types, etc.

App Usage Report

In the App Usage report, you can view the websites and apps that your employees have accessed during working hours. Furthermore, click the "Show detailed log" option to see a log for each employee, showing the specific URLs and the amount of time they spent on each site or app. Find more about employee website usage in the article.

Attendance Report

The Attendance report details when your employees start and finish their workday, including their total work and break time. The report is color-coded to help you easily distinguish between different work periods. Green indicates work time, yellow stripes indicate break time and white space represents periods when a user suspends or shuts down the computer.

Productivity Report

The Productivity report displays your employees' total productive and unproductive time during the workday. If you come across a particular webpage that causes a decrease in productivity, you can add it to the Unproductive Apps list. If an employee visits that website afterward, the time spent on it will be considered unproductive and reflected in the Productivity report.

Shifts Report

If shift scheduling is enabled, tracking will be required during the employee's scheduled shift. You can view each shift's start and end times in the Shifts report, making monitoring employee punctuality and attendance easy. Additionally, the report includes the total time spent on breaks.

Location Report

Location tracking relies on the IP address to determine the user's precise city or zip code. To locate a particular employee, click on the icon on the map to view their location, IP address, internet service provider, and zip code.


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