Employee Productivity: The Power of Application and Website Categorization with WorkComposer

Employee productivity management has become increasingly crucial in the constantly changing environment of modern businesses. With the availability of various digital tools, it can be challenging to differentiate between productive and unproductive online activities. Instead, WorkComposer comes in with its innovative method of categorizing applications and websites, which can improve the overall efficiency of your business. Let's explore how this feature can transform and modernize your organization’s operations.

Understanding the Basics: Productive, Unproductive, and Blacklist Categories

WorkComposer makes it easy to monitor employee activity by classifying applications and websites into three categories:

1. Productive: Certain websites and applications are essential for an employee's work, such as project management tools, company-specific software, and professional research sites. To ensure productivity during online meetings and calls, WorkComposer will prevent entering Break mode while using apps in the Productive list.

2. Unproductive: It's easy to get distracted in the digital world, as many tempting options are just a click away. This category of distractions includes social media platforms, entertainment websites, or other online resources unrelated to work tasks. Given that, whenever employees visit unproductive websites, the Productivity report will record and reflect the time spent on them.

3. Blacklist: In fact, this category permits access to websites or applications that are inappropriate for the work environment. However, users' time on such websites or applications will be counted as break time.

WorkComposer time tracking software specializes in productivity solutions and is committed to providing the best features to help you take your business to the next level. Therefore, when you sign up for WorkComposer, your account will have a default list of categorized applications and websites. This list has already helped thousands of companies improve their employees' productivity. However, we understand that every business is unique, and the default list may not suit your needs. That's why you have complete control over modifying the list, deleting specific apps or websites, and tailoring it to suit your company's workforce better.

Boosting Employee Productivity: Easy Steps to Classify Apps in WorkComposer

Here are the steps to create your productivity list in your WorkComposer account:

  1. Sign up or sign in to your WorkComposer account.
  2. Go to the Tracking Settings.
  3. Select the Productivity section.
  4. Click the "Add An App or Website" button at the top right corner of the opened window.
  5. Provide the name of the app or website and select its category: productive, unproductive, or blacklist.

WorkComposer can be customized to exclude certain users or teams from being monitored. For instance, if you want your Marketing team to have access to Facebook, you can add Facebook to the Unproductive list and exclude the Marketing team from it. All other employees' time spent on Facebook will be considered unproductive, but not that of your Marketing team.

WorkComposer: Your Partner in Productivity

WorkComposer is a complete solution that empowers companies all over the globe to gain better insights, efficiently manage, and improve how work is performed in their organization. With WorkComposer, your employees will simplify their workday, eliminate unnecessary distractions, and boost productivity. Say goodbye to wasted time and welcome a more productive work environment with WorkComposer.


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