Deleting work time and screenshots

How to delete the screenshots

WorkComposer takes screenshots only when users indicate that they are working. If accidentally non-work-related screenshots were taken, the only way to delete these screenshots is to delete the time associated with them. As a result, work time will also be deducted from their work hours. It’s a well-known fact that the employees should focus on core work activities. To avoid distractions, regular users should contact the account admins. Only account owners and admins have the privileges to delete the screenshots. Let’s go through the steps:

Step 1.

  • From your owner(admin) account go to the “Users” section
  • Choose the user as shown on the screenshot below
  • Click on the arrow button on the right corner

Step 2.

  • Click on the “Remove Time” button

Step 3.

  • Set the date and time you wish and click on the “Delete” button

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