The benefits of time tracking for virtual assistants

Why is Tracking Time of Virtual Assistants Necessary?

With remote work becoming so prevalent these days, assistants have gone virtual. As we all know, having an assistant is quite significant for any post that covers many responsibilities under its purview, which a single person cannot handle. While assistants are professionals who handle an individual’s organisational tasks, virtual assistants perform an array of tasks to facilitate the business-related operations of their clients or bosses while sitting at home.

The relationship of a client with their virtual assistant is based on trust and faith, as there is no checking up on the work conducted and the dedication shown by the virtual assistant. Eventually, a person sometimes asks themselves, is the salary they pay their virtual assistants worth it? Therefore, it is important to check their efficiency and dedication to ensure that the virtual assistants are living up to their expectations and working sufficiently. One most prevalent and helpful way of doing this is by the following time tracking for virtual assistants.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

An independent contractor or a self-employed person who provides administrative or technical services to a person without attending the office is known as a virtual assistant. They take up the necessary administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and meetings, conveying significant messages, handling data and documents, etc. They work from their home and have at their disposal all the digital resources required to do their work efficiently. They work remotely, and have access to resources such as the calendar of their clients, their databases etc so that they can manage the administration of their clients responsibly.

Why is it Important to Track the Time of a Virtual Assistant?

If you have no idea what your virtual assistant is up to, you will be left wondering, “what is my virtual assistant doing?” This is significant because you are the one who pays them for their services. To be sure that your virtual assistant is working effectively and is a value for money, you need to start tracking their time. Some essential reasons why time tracking of Virtual Assistants is essential are mentioned below

  • Increases Transparency- While you track the time spent by your virtual assistant on each task done for you, you can see things more clearly. Transparency between you and your virtual assistant is enhanced, and you can witness the time being spent by them on multiple tasks. You can also ensure that they are not just passing the time by pretending to work when they are not working.
  • Provides You With Peace of Mind- You will know exactly what your virtual assistant is up to, and you will be at peace knowing that the money you are spending on them as a salary is not in vain. When you witness your virtual assistant’s hard work and efforts towards you, you will have faith in their work and your decision to choose them.
  • Helps You in Budgeting- Based on the tasks done by your Virtual Assistant, you can track the time spent on each project. This enables you to give further estimates to your clients and create an adequate budget based on the efforts utilised in completing a job.
  • Assists in Identifying Inefficiencies- Time tracking for virtual assistants helps you identify problems such as inefficiencies, mismanaged priorities, training gaps, etc. Based on that, you can either give feedback to your virtual assistant, train them according to your requirements, or relieve them of their duties, if you find them highly inefficient.
  • Get Maximum Value Out of Their Work- The high level of transparency with time tracking for virtual assistants makes them work for you more efficiently and sincerely. You can ensure that they are thus meeting your expectations and working sufficiently enough to respond to your assistance in precisely what they are meant to do.
  • Enhances Accountability of Virtual Assistants- When the time tracking for virtual assistants is done, and they know that their time and efforts are being tracked, they automatically become more accountable. In addition, to win over the clients’ trust, they work hard to ensure client requirements are met.

Therefore, to ensure the peace of mind and satisfaction of the client and to increase transparency and accountability on the part of the virtual assistants, it is essential to track the time of the virtual assistants. But how can you do so? Let’s find out.

How to Track Time of Virtual Assistants?

Before beginning with time tracking for virtual assistants, the first thing to do is to take them into confidence. They are working remotely and might not have ever seen you. Plus, with so many cyber frauds, it is not difficult to put your faith in a foreign technology and an unknown person. Therefore, you should talk it out with them. To do this, you can tell them about your work needs and protocols and explain why you need to track their time.

The next step is to choose the perfect software for tracking the time of your virtual assistant. You should choose reliable software that can be trusted completely. Also, it should have a simple interface that can help you and your virtual assistant in using it.

Features such as screen recording, URL tracking, app usage, idle time, attendance etc should be there in it. Also, it should fit well in your budget, so you do not have to spend additional money on the basic features.

Virtual Assistant’s Time Tracking with Work Composer