Why Time Tracking is Important for Companies

Time has always been an essential factor in companies' productivity and competitor ranking. We always hear people say, "Time is money", and "Time waits for none"; every entrepreneur can relate to this. No doubt, a company's success is directly related to its employers' and employees' time management skills and their ability to boost individual productivity along with their company's profit.

How can companies find ways for employees to manage their time effectively and know how much time they spend on a particular task? The answer is the use of time tracking software. It is becoming standard in all companies. Technology has made life easier for businesses through time-tracking software.

Here is why time tracking is vital for your company:

1. Simplifying Your Work

Recording employee working hours is one of the company's most important tasks. It takes much time and causes extreme frustration to the employer.

Who doesn't want his work to be simple and stress-free? Time tracking simplifies work for employers. It will also help employees as this method is far more perfect than checking time and attendance on registers or sheets. Employers can pay their employees accurately without manually counting each employee's work hours through time-tracking softwares.

Along with managing employees' time, time tracking software will also help invoice your clients. Time tracking is essential when billing customers on an hourly basis. Do you know anything better that can help you charge your customers?

Please don't underestimate the time it takes to complete a project and sell it at a low price. It's vital to track time, not guess. You also don't want to overcharge customers, damaging your company's reputation.

2. Increasing Your Company's Profit

Time tracking gives you access to a more detailed understanding of the costs of a project, such as manual costs, labour costs, salary costs, etc. With time tracking softwares, you can calculate all the hours in which work has not been done and then estimate all the costs again, showing you a big difference from the previous costs you have been funding in every project.

Other than costs, time tracking also provides an analysis of which employees take a longer time to complete a specific task than the others. Which employees perform the same job quicker than others? Are the prices being charged according to the hours given to each client? All of these minor but essential statistics are vital to increasing profits.

Here is a basic overview of how time tracking increases productivity:

  • Time tracking allows you to determine which employees complete their tasks efficiently and faster than other employees.
  • Time tracking makes it easy to discover if prices are charged according to the time. A company's profit must charge clients following the time spent on their projects.
  • Identifying less or no profit tasks and those that gain high profits is easy through time tracking.

3. Developing Loyalty and Trust Between Employees and the Company

Earning employees' faith is not as easy as it seems. A company must gain their employees' and clients' trust, which is the only way to achieve loyalty. When everyone in the company has to report their timings, no one, not even the employees of higher positions, will take advantage and laze around or spend more break times. It will create a peaceful environment and ensure all the employees are loyal and trust the company.

In addition, employees can quickly check their daily, weekly, and monthly progress, which becomes easier for them to request leaves from their employers or change shifts easily without employees.

Managers and employers benefit from avoiding any tension and fights within the company as everything is evident in the time tracking app or software.

4. Helping Your Employers and Employees Achieve their Goals

Time tracking is a great helping tool for employers and employees to set and achieve their personal and professional goals. Employers can use time tracking to establish their company goals and monitor their progress routinely. The advantage of setting goals will not only be increased profits but also increased motivation to achieve desired targets.

After setting their goals, employees can discover what is stopping them from achieving their targets. This way, they can know how much time they are spending accomplishing trivial tasks such as time in scanning and printing files. This way, employees can discover their weak areas.

Controlling your schedule is the most efficient way to make your day profitable.

5. Discovering Where Your Employees Waste Time

Employees often waste their time on social media apps. They might not know it themselves, but the truth is that majority of employees waste their time scrolling through Facebook or Reddit.

According to a survey by "Peoples Per Hour", 5% of male and 11% of female employees spend about 45 minutes every hour scrolling on social media sites. Many employees get shocked when finding out how much time they have wasted either through social media or performing unnecessary tasks. Time management software helps them quickly discover which sites and functions they spend excessive time on.

Time tracking software makes it easy for both employees and employers to track what is hindering their progress. This way, they can eliminate the source distracting them from working promptly. Employers can ban such sites, which will benefit both the employees' work and the company's overall performance.


Time tracking has become crucial for companies to boost their employees' profits and productivity. Whether remote workers or hybrid offices, time tracking is beneficial for all. Companies have observed a significant increase in their profits. Other than the increased profits, their employee also showed increasing productivity.

It would be best not to let go of the benefits of improving training, getting paid according to work hours, achieving targets, and eliminating distractions. If you do not have time tracking softwares in your companies, you are depriving your company of a fantastic management tool. What's holding you back from providing comfort to your workplace? Purchase our budget-friendly time tracking software and sit back and watch the jaw-breaking improvements in your company's productivity and increasing profits.