Why is Time Tracking Important For You and Your Company?

Why is Time Tracking Important For You and Your Company?

Is it unclear why your company and your employees should track their time? We've got you covered! Here is a guide to time tracking that explains its benefits and how to do it properly. For every business owner, time is their most valuable asset.

Your employees will cause delays and go over budget if they don't manage their time correctly. As a result, the invoices you create will not match the time spent, leading to unsatisfied clients.

It is necessary to keep track of the time employees spend at work to compensate them fairly. It is possible to improve your staff's productivity, effectiveness, and organization using a time tracking tool like Work Composer. A time tracking system can bring time and cost savings to you and your business.

To understand how you spend your time, personally and professionally, you need to track your time. A healthy workflow is crucial to productivity, insight, and insight. Let's continue to read the article in detail to learn about the importance of time tracking for you and your company.

What is Time Tracking?

First, let's review the basics. The process of tracking employees' working hours is known as time tracking. Employees are measured for hours worked on projects or tasks to ensure appropriate compensation. Managers can gauge how much time it takes to accomplish a particular task and where the employee's time is being spent via time entries, which are not only used for payroll.

The more you know about the tasks that take the most time, the more you can contemplate whether they are worth the time and effort. It is not necessarily the most time-consuming tasks that require the most effort or contribute the most value that is the most time-consuming. Quite often, the opposite is true.

Importance of Time Tracking Software for Organization

Work Composer offers several advantages beyond knowing your employees' working hours. There are several reasons why your business may benefit from time tracking:

Work Composer offers several advantages beyond knowing your employees' working hours

Enhance Accountability

Time tracking helps keep your employees accountable, which is why it is essential for your team. Employees may spend more than an hour distracted during a typical workday. Their time is often taken up with discussions with coworkers, phone calls, or internet surfing. They cost your business a lot of money by not working.

Distractions are common among most people. There is nothing unusual about it. Time Tracking is important because it allows them to quickly eliminate distractions and return to work. Keep your employees accountable with workforce management software like Work Composer that monitors idle time, URLs, and apps.

Most employees would rather avoid having evidence of their inactivity presented to them, so this deters idle time. It will be vital to them that their tasks are completed in accordance with the hours they worked. It might not be for 20 minutes at a time when they talk to their coworkers. They are less likely to get distracted if they quickly search the internet.

Track Project Progress

A company's reputation and profitability depend on how efficiently its projects progress. If you're constantly missing deadlines, it will lead to confusion and conflict because you underestimated the amount of time it would take. Clients unsatisfied with your brand's project management will tell other business owners about it. There is a two-way street when it comes to word of mouth.

When you underestimate the time, you also underestimate the project's cost. In addition, if your employees spend a lot of time on projects you underprice, you're losing money.

You can monitor the time and money you spend on your projects with time tracking tools. In addition, based on similar projects, you can accurately estimate the number of resources a project will need if you collect enough data from your time tracker.

You can monitor the time and money you spend on your projects

More Accurate Estimates

A project time tracking tool like Work Composer can also be helpful when estimating the duration of a project. If you overpromise and miss your deadline, your clients will be unhappy. To maintain a good working relationship with your clients, you must set realistic expectations upfront.

Knowing how long a project will take will help you plan your team's time and different staff projects more effectively. Therefore, you won't overbook people if a project runs over unexpectedly. You can also ensure your team is only taking on work they can handle with an accurate schedule.

Performance Insights

Managing your team effectively requires insight into your employees' performance. Ultimately, it's important to reward employees who perform above and beyond for the company. It isn't easy to get an accurate picture of office morale without employee monitoring, which is another reason why time tracking software is beneficial.

Managing your team effectively requires insight into your employees' performance

Your employees' performance can be better understood using one of the best time tracking tools. You can better use their time when you know who's working efficiently. You can boost their morale by letting your top performers know they are doing an excellent job.

A time tracker can identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees and those performing exceptionally. Identifying patterns in their work habits is possible with enough data. Where is their performance dipping during the project? Additionally, what is the average time they take to complete their tasks? How are they doing in comparison with that baseline? Do they fall below it, or do they rise above it? Taking these steps will enable you to assist anyone who has difficulty completing their tasks.


When it comes to boosting your business, optimizing your work process, or even getting more from your day, time tracking software provides several valuable benefits to you and your company. You must choose a timekeeping software that caters to your specific needs, such as Work Composer.