What is Time Tracking Software? – Everything You Need to Know.

As a business, resources aren't the only things that can be stolen from you but your time too. Every project requires some time to be done, and getting it done quickly or not is determined by the project. Many service-based businesses charge clients according to the time spent on projects, meaning you need to record the time spent. However, tracking time like the olden days will only delay your work and consume even more time. Gone are the days when we gathered different records of time spent manually or using paper time cards. Professionals and small businesses have recently used time tracking software to track time and have accurate results in a few steps.

This guide will discuss what time tracking software is, how it's used, and its benefits in the simplest language.

What is Time Tracking Software?

Time tracking software is a tool for tracking time spent on a specific project. Managers and employees mostly use this tool to measure the time taken on a project for payroll, experiment, or charging tasks. The software is also used to provide information on which task takes more time than the other or which task takes your employer's time more and also allows you to budget accordingly.

How to Track Time with a Time Tracking Software

A cloud-based time tracking software is the easiest to use when tracking consumed time or work hours without taking long on manual logins or excel time sheets.

Time tracking software automatically records time whether you're working online, on-site, and it's independent of the appliance you choose. It doesn't make a difference if you're using a system, mobile phone, or a pc. You can start measuring your time when you start working by pressing the 'start' button, then press 'pause' when you're switching to another task or going for a break. However, if you're done with an initial task, press the 'stop' button to gather all the time spent on a certain task.

You can always have multiple projects in your user dashboard, choose anyone you need to operate on at any time, and do it without completing the previous one. You can also adjust time and add notes with the software. Time tracking software calculates the time of entries made each week with a few taps without calculating the amounts yourself.

The best part of the software is you don't need to send in approval or request manually, as everything is in an automatic mode, and managers will receive notifications about the entries you made weekly with a few navigations.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software

You might've had trouble trying to track time with other software. But tracking time can be easy with the best time tracking software out there, which is why we recommend WorkComposer software; it has so many benefits and is easy to work with.

Below are some benefits you get from using the right time tracker.

Billing Clients at the Right Price.

If you charge your clients by measuring the hours you work, then manually getting the accurate time will not be possible. Time tracking software like WorkComposer helps you get the right amount of time you worked for, which enables you to charge the right price without feeling deprived.

Accomplishing Profitable Projects

You need time tracking software even if you don't charge hourly. Whether you're a service-based business or product base, the time you put into that task is a price. It would be best to calculate your price by ensuring the amount you charge is more than the time and resources you put into that project. The only way to know your cost is by knowing how much time the project took, which is why you need time trackers. Many businesses are probably undercharging because of inaccuracy in timing.

Understand the Progress of a Project at a Glimpse

There are many people carrying out different tasks on a project, and seeing each state will be a hard job. However, with web-based time tracking software, you can see the status of each task at a glimpse. You can access this data from anywhere if the software you use is on the web.

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The software is an important tool for businesses using the internet, including professional business services and small businesses. You have everything under control with WorkComposer, including recording the time spent on all tasks and important records. You can access WorkComposer on your device anywhere and anytime, making it the best time tracking software that suits everyone.