Time Tracking Software for employee productivity

Working from home went from once in a while to a permanent fixture in the workplace. The traditional office structure was already headed in this direction before recent events with the pandemic. Many were taking the digital nomad or freelancer route, and the needs that came from that work from anywhere lifestyle.

One of the major issues that come into place is whether people are working or not. It's nice to believe that everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing during working hours, or if they have flexible working hours, there's a way to track deliverables.

Yet, for many moving from an office environment to this remote work or a hybrid working model, it's a good idea to be able to consider time tracking software. This is not meant to be only a monitor of time but also helps to alleviate stressors from employees who don't always realize how many hours they put in these days. It supports both sides, with managers obtaining transparency and employees able to track their work.

Where does time tracking software benefit the company?

Keep in mind that this is software that's installed within a computer. If you have people that do not work in front of the computer or not as their primary function, then this type of software may only provide limited information on what those types of operations and employees are working on. This is usually related to salespeople, those in retail, or even manufacturing, which has other ways to track employee time tracking and break management systems.

For this type of time tracking software, it's best for tracking the work of employees who primarily use their computers for their roles and responsibilities. This is where you're looking at your typical office worker, your graphics designer, and even your IT department and developers. Again, it's a way that will help to ensure productivity by being able to prove productivity.

How does it work?

When you are considering looking for time tracking software to improve productivity, you'll also want to consider getting time tracking software with screenshot functionality. This is the case with options such as WorkComposer, which helps to offer end-to-end time tracking software.

After the initial setup, time tracking software can be installed on all the related working machines for employees so that they can safely access the software when they begin their working hours.

Then it’s all about dividing everyone into the appropriate teams and working on instructing them on the various employee-facing functionalities. Once the training is over, it's all about building the habit to be able to start tracking that time. The employee hits the start button, and the time begins to start being monitored. Whenever they want to take a break, or if they want to take their scheduled lunch break, they can easily click the button to pause and go about their rest time.

When they are able to resume their work, it's simply a matter of unpausing and starting the time tracking functionality again. But, again, this will help the employee to ensure that they're putting in the time to be tracked, and that should match their level of productivity and competency.

It doesn’t stop with just the time tracking

As hinted above, software such as WorkComposer gets a bit more sophisticated by also being a time tracking software with screenshot capture. What this equates to is that it takes time tracking to the next level by also monitoring what the employee is doing periodically from time to time.

So again, it's about building that transparency to ensure that the employee is working on company information during this time and not spending the whole day browsing the internet or online shopping.

Depending on the policy, it is also not meant to deter one from checking out websites during work, but it becomes a problem if the screenshot capture pattern is all about non-work-related items. A few of the many screenshots of the day are rarely a problem. It's all about the overall pattern of employees related to their working hours and what they're actually doing.

A feature to improve productivity

Work tracking is the final component of this type of software, such as WorkComposer. It's one thing to put in the hours and show what's being worked on in those hours, but it must all tie into completing a task. Therefore, task management software is integrated directly with the time tracking features, so employees are able to show just how much time a specific task may have taken.

This helps more on the employee side to showcase all their productivity now that there's a visual representation to share with management. In addition, it helps to keep the overall company goals in alignment as tasks get checked off and projects get completed.

Time tracking software wouldn’t be complete without reporting

So now that you're looking at all this time tracking software with screenshot data, you'll be able to analyze your employees better. Whether you're running a team or running the whole business, you'll have accountability and responsibility through these tools. It's meant to work both ways, though, so as employees are continuously closing out tasks and producing effectively, the time tracking software may show them working too many hours.

Having this type of tool can show you where your employees are not just being less productive than they can be but also shows you potential red flags of employees who may start to burn out. Maybe there are teammates within the same group that work longer and are more productive than others, but it seems as if they're doing the work of those teammates that aren't as effective.

Regardless, WorkComposer helps to give an executive dashboard with extensive reporting for management to review easily and use that information to take action when necessary. In addition, the reporting itself is fully customizable, so it can be tailored to fit each monitoring department just with the information that they're looking for.

In the end

It may seem intrusive with this type of software for some, but at the end of the day, there’s been a growing lack of transparency in the workplace regarding whether employees are being productive or giving the appearance of being productive. There have been many discussions out there about all the hours being saved and how much more is getting done, but there's also been minimal evidence on the ground with the teams themselves that this is true.

The workplace going fully remote can become a true dream for many, where those that work off of their laptops don't need to be in their office buildings in high-cost locations. Instead, they can be on the beach in paradise while still working effectively and proving that every single day through the use of time tracking software.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to have a fully accountable and remote operation that helps the company to not only be potentially after 24/7 but have the results to prove it at the same time. Feel free to reach out to us for more details at WorkComposer with any questions, and we'd be glad to schedule with you to showcase our feature-rich time tracking software.