Revenue is primarily the fuel propelling the businesses’ wheel. The moment the tire bursts or runs out of fuel, there’s nothing but a definite plunge. So, in order to keep the wheel rolling, you’ve got to find ways to ensure that productivity metrics at any cost are met.

Easier said than done!

If you’ve a hundred employees under you, it still sounds manageable. But if the number exceeds thousands or tens of thousands, it’s extremely enervating and drains the energy out of you, leaving you frustrated and anxious. In this article, we’ll cover how monitoring your employees keeps you and your business on track and gets you going!

What is Productivity?

Productivity is when maximum output is generated out of an assigned time slot.

It’s a generic term, open for anyone to fit in any context.

What is Employee Monitoring?

The phrase itself is self-explanatory, but let us break it before you.

Employee monitoring is more about keeping a track record of how employees utilize their time during work hours.

It sounds more of an invasion of their privacy, but it isn’t because there’s a fine line between surveillance and monitoring. Monitoring has a positive connotation that holds you accountable for something and is non-secretive. Contrarily, surveillance is scrutiny, done secretly. We deem the former healthy for several reasons. The latter is a bit fishy and needs to be avoided because it damages the employee-employer trust.

Disclaimer: Let your employees know about it and earn their trust. Trust is a two-way street. Let them know it’s just that you’re interested in generating detailed task reports and optimizing accordingly. Set a base for this system in a slow, steady and efficient manner. Don’t rush but smoothly introduce the monitoring system to your team.

Employee monitoring contrution to productivity

Concentration Levels Improve

Whatever your team does, concentration is an asset. An average guy takes around 20-25 minutes to regain the lost momentum and drive. With the employee monitoring system in place, you’re getting across a message that you’ve an eye over their computer screen at all times. This will make them less likely to waste their time scrolling social media platforms.

The internet has seeped into our culture, and kicking it out altogether isn’t a solution. Learning how to use it is the way to go about it. The monitoring system will enable your employees to eliminate their habits of checking their phones every couple of minutes.

This automatically will ward off distractions and keep your team focused on the job assigned, hence skyrocketing the productivity levels.

Helps Identify a Problem

As said earlier, an employee monitoring system gives you an insight into an employee’s work. And you then are in a position to generate reports and see what activities have taken most of the time. When a task is assigned, the only way to gauge how long a certain job will take depends on one’s experience and familiarity with such assignments. But with this system, you’ll have direct access to real-time data, the figures you, later on, can play with to optimize your team duties.

You’ll have the leverage to compare the time multiple clients took to complete a similar job. A clear idea of where the problem lies would unravel, and you specifically will come to know about the strengths and weaknesses of your employees.

You then must assign a particular task to a person aligned with his skill set.

Production Rates Assessment Improves

At any level in any organization, the end goal is to produce. This could be anything, and as a manager, your primary job is to ensure that daily, weekly and monthly goals are met. Once the monitoring system is installed, you’ll be directly exposed to everyone’s computer screen.

Here’s the list of pointers you currently have,

  • Access to screen
  • Piles of data displaying the strengths and weaknesses of employees
  • Numbers to figure out how long a particular job takes

These are all the pointers you can analyze and predict how long it will take to complete a project.

Builds Trust

You stay connected with your employees, and they are always aware that you’re there with them, whatever the situation. They end up making mistakes, failing, and trying again, knowing that there’s someone who knows how much they’ve put into this project. The team trusts you with their values.

Efficiency Increases

At the end of the day, our mission with the employee monitoring system is not to enforce the employees but to encourage them to take ownership of the assignment.

A research article quoted that 30% of people use mobile phones during duty hours. And with this work-from-home culture, things have deviated further off the track. This system is a practice to augment the efficiency of the time spent. Breaks in-between duty hours is an employee's right, but gossip and trash talk pose a real threat to the company’s culture. Monitoring obliterates any possibility of employees indulging in any activity that may jeopardize the brand’s reputation. It keeps eyes fixated on the screen, thus increasing the output.

How often do you track the progress of your employees? If not, give it a shot, and we guarantee you won’t regret this investment. It’ll immensely enhance productivity overall in all aspects.