Master Idle Time Tracking with WorkComposer

Exploring Idle Time Tracking: Features and Insights

WorkComposer offers an innovative approach to tracking employees’ activity without compromising privacy. The software does not record individual keystrokes or mouse clicks but monitors keyboard and mouse activity. This tutorial will guide you through understanding and utilizing the idle time tracking feature in WorkComposer.

How Does WorkComposer Monitor Activity?

  1. Activity Checks: WorkComposer monitors keyboard and mouse activity every 10 seconds.
  2. Active vs. Idle Time: If there is any mouse movement or keystroke, it will be counted as “active” time. Conversely, the absence of activity will be considered “idle” time.
  3. Privacy First: The system prioritizes user privacy by focusing on activity presence rather than specific details.

Interpreting Idle Time

High Idle Percentage

Indicates low activity levels, meaning the employee might not be actively engaging with their computer.

Low Idle Percentage

indicates that there is a high level of activity during the workday.

Comparative Analysis

An average idle percentage of 30-35% is typical across various accounts. However, compare idle percentages within teams performing similar tasks to obtain meaningful insights.

Automatic Break Mode

If a user remains inactive for an extended time, WorkComposer enters automatic break mode. During this pause in tracking, the reported idle percentage remains unchanged.

Idle Calculation: The software only calculates idle time if tracking is enabled and there is no keyboard or mouse activity.

Accuracy Over Time

Idle time percentages are more accurate over extended periods, and short intervals, like a few minutes after starting work, might not provide a clear picture of actual activity levels.

Setting Maximum Idle Percentage

Configuring Alerts: With WorkComposer, you can set a maximum threshold for idle time. If a user exceeds this limit, you'll get a daily email.

To enable this feature, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your WorkComposer account.
  2. Go to the Tracking Settings.
  3. Select the "Email Reports" section.
  4. Enable the "Set Maximum Idle Percentage" option.
  5. Enter the maximum idle percentage you want to set for your users.


Using the idle time tracking feature in WorkComposer is important to improve your understanding of employee productivity. This feature clearly shows active vs. idle time while respecting employees' privacy. By optimizing efficiency in a comfortable and non-invasive work environment, WorkComposer helps businesses enhance their overall performance.


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