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Automatic Time Tracker

Work time tracking that accurately captures when employees start and finish work on their computers, as well as the breaks they take during work hours.

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Work Time Tracking
Screenshot Monitoring

Smart Reports

Gain comprehensive insights with reports that provide detailed analyses of work patterns, productivity, and efficiency. Understand employee behavior, optimize workflows, and make informed decisions to drive success.

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Configurable and Customizable

Tailor WorkComposer to fit your unique business needs. Adjust settings, customize features, and configure preferences to create a truly personalized experience that aligns perfectly with your company's operational requirements.

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URLs & App Usage
Attendance Tracking

Lead a Productive Team

Empower your team for peak efficiency with tools that highlight productivity trends, track progress, and ensure everyone is aligned and accountable. Drive success by enabling a culture of transparency and continuous improvement.

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Enterprise Security Standards

Gain peace of mind with advanced security protocols and data protection that meet global compliance requirements, safeguarding your team's information at every step.

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