Task Management

Coordinate all the work your team does together

Create tasks, assign to team members, prioritize and track the progress. All this is available to you with all the plans at no additional cost. You don’t need third-party task and project management software. With WorkComposer you get all the tools needed right in the platform you already know and use for time tracking. All you need is to invite your new team members to your WorkComposer organization and they are ready to go. No more managing multiple accounts on multiple platforms for each user.


Creating a task is easy, as it should be. Just click the “Tasks” section from the left menu and then click the “New task” button on the top right corner.


A modal window will pop up where you can enter the task details. First, enter the task “Title”, a short description of the task, then “Description” which can provide additional information on the task. On the right side, Project and Sprint, which we’ll speak about shortly. Next, “Priority” emphasizes the tasks that need more attention to be completed sooner and low priority tasks that should be addressed last. And then the Assignee – the person to whom the task is assigned. Once the task is created, you’re back to the tasks list. You can click on the task to edit or see the description. You can sort the tasks by dragging the task up or down in the list.

Projects and Sprints

Initially, when you create a task, it goes to the Backlog, but you can create Projects to group the tasks and track a specific project’s status. Click the “New project” button on the top left and provide the new project name. The project will appear in the list and you can start putting tasks in it. Note that you can drag the tasks to the project to move the tasks between the projects or simply change the tasks’ project from the task edit window. You can also create “Sprints” to group the tasks even further within the projects. Simply click the menu icon near the project under which you want to create the sprint and click “New Sprint”.