What To Look For in a Time Tracking Software?

Time-tracking software is an essential part of any organization. It ensures the highest efficiency level for the organization and all its employees. No employer can keep an eye on every employee instead of assessing their performance for appraisals or maintaining the office’s code and conduct.

But how to choose the right time tracker software for your company? In this article, we will guide you from scratch on how you can identify the best time tracking software for your company.

Importance of a Time Tracking Software

Best way to ensure that all the employees of your organization are working with complete dedication and putting in their best efforts is to track the number of hours they work.

This includes not only the time they are inside the office but also the time they spend on their desks or their PCs or the time they are doing something productive. But unfortunately, a human can’t track every employee and their work amount or efficiency.

Here, an employee time tracking software comes to use. They track each employee’s time in the office, on their desks or systems, or even the time spent doing productive work or leisure time.

This can help you ensure the best performance of the employees you spend a lot of time and money on. Also, they can help you maintain the track records of your employees, which can be beneficial while selecting candidates for appraisals and promotions.

They help you in:

  1. Increasing levels of accountability amongst the employees
  2. Ensuring the best performance of the employees
  3. Helping you track and assess your budget
  4. Higher levels of transparency in the organization
  5. Evaluate the resource demand of your organization

How to Find the Perfect Time Tracking Software for Your Organization?

You can choose the adequate time tracking software for your company in three simple steps. All you need to do is:

Identify the features you need the most

Based on your company’s work culture or the type of work taken up by your organization and its employees, you can determine the essential features for you.

For example, if you offer work from home to your employees, your online time tracking software should have a feature that takes screenshots of the system of the employees during their working hours.

However, if your employees conduct field jobs, you might need a GPS tracker to keep track of their movements.

Shortlist the software that meets the requirements of your company

After determining the features, you should focus on other factors that will help you choose the correct software, such as cost-effectiveness, customer support, ease of accessibility, etc.

Take a Free Trial

Most time tracking software allows you to have a free trial for 15-45 days. To get to know the adaptability of the time-tracking software with your organization, it is recommended that you take a free trial. You will need to log in, and no credentials or payments will be required.

With these simple steps, choosing adequate software becomes an easy task. You should, however, never compromise on the features your time tracking software provides. In the next section, we will read about the essential features you should look for in your time tracking software for employees.

Features to Look For in a Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking

Recording the time spent by your employees each day on multiple tasks is involved in time tracking. A good time tracking software accurately shows employees’ working hours and productivity.

It allows the employer to compare all the employees at once easily. It should also give you insights into the most time-consuming tasks, the budget spent on each task, and whether it was worth it.

App Tracking and URL tracking

With good employee time tracking software, you can even track the apps utilized and the URLs visited by any employee. In addition, the time employees spend on each app or website can also be measured. This ensures that the employees do not spend most of their time on unnecessary tasks or leisure activities.

Reports and Analytics

An efficient time tracking software should present easy-to-read and understand reports and analytics to the employer regarding the active and idle time of the employees on a monthly or weekly basis.

They may also contain features that help you track each employee’s contribution to a particular project. Furthermore, the reports can be dynamic in the form of charts and graphs, making comparisons and assessments easy.

Project Management

You can use good time tracking software to assess the work on a project basis. This is highly beneficial for team-based work. Project management is found in time-tracking apps of high standards.

They even help you manage your project on multiple fronts- including a budget, time spent, efforts utilized, team members and their work, etc. It helps in managing the costs, setting deadlines, and tracking the project’s progress.


Screenshots are an essential feature required in remote employee time-tracking software for teams that work in remote locations. This means that the employees can’t just punch in and leave their PC on to portray their performance.

Timely screenshots will ensure that they work with dedication during their work hours. Where employers can’t visit to witness the work of the freelancers or work from employees, the screenshot feature can prove to be quite beneficial.

Security Features

While software for employee time tracking has access to the complete system of your organization, including the master PC and all other PCs, it must provide security protocols that allow you to put your faith in it.

There should be features such as end-to-end encryption, control and customization of the employer, and other features that make the security and privacy protocols of the time tracker robust.