What are the benefits of idle time tracking software?

Do you want absolute value for your money? Then, you better be good at tracking the time of your employees. Time is undoubtedly one of the metrics that weighs the compensation package for the employees under your supervision. So, the more meticulous you can possibly be in this domain, the higher your chances of increasing revenue. At the end of the day, the ultimate objective of any organization or company is to generate revenue and keep the wheel rolling.

In this article, we'll precisely determine what benefits you would leverage if you subscribe to idle time tracking software. We'll weigh the pros and cons of it down the road and decide whether it's worth your time and energy. Stick with us throughout the article so you won't miss any points, and build a reasonable understanding of the subject.

What is Idle Time Tracking?

It's as obvious as it sounds. Companies usually monitor their employees' time to keep a record of the hours an employee worked. Against these hours, the wage is calculated, incorporating some pre-decided parameters.

One way to track time is to record the time spent idly doing nothing or enjoying a break. Now, this can either be done manually, where an employee has got to ask for permission before leaving, or it's done automatically by utilizing computer programs. These programs simply note down your inactive time and save it. One of the strongest points it comes up with is that, in this case, an employee isn't expected to report before leaving for a break. It runs on automation without much attention from the employer.

What are the benefits of idle time tracking software?

In this section, we'll dive deeper into it and see the positives of installing such software.

Benefits of Idle Time Tracking

Effortless Monitoring

As said earlier, it doesn't demand an employer to monitor the inactive hours directly. When an employee completes the work, the software is programmed to sense it and note the inactive period. It liberates an employer of his duty to manage employees manually. Not only does it help with avoiding micromanagement issues, but it also is more efficient and employer-friendly. Thus, a go-to option if you want an easy way out without compromising on the quality of service.

Productivity Soars

Your team is less likely to indulge in gossip and informal conversation during office hours. Automatically, it'll boost productivity metrics, and you'll definitely get more done in less time. Moreover, the software would be more of a surveillance head over them at all times, which not only can't be dodged but is also super-efficient.

Value for Money

Time equals money

Such programs are pure value for money. Yes! We acknowledge that the companies around the globe operate without any monitoring tool, and they apparently are doing fine. So, how is it a value for money?

It's because in any business – Time equals money. So, if you've software installed that costs less than a McDonald's burger monthly, you're more in a position to track your employee time and analyze if the money you're pouring is actually producing an equivalent amount of work. It's simple math; you only are at an advantage if your returns speak for the service you offer.

There's another way to go about it.

  • Do you have last month's progress report?
  • Now, invest a few dollars into idle time tracking software and give it a shot for a couple of months.
  • Compare both the progress reports and analyze if it's worth it.

Most definitely, you'll end up subscribing to the service like many out there. The results are gonna be phenomenal. And we're sure about it because it's a tried and tested technique that has been in for quite some time now.

Eliminates Conflicts

Most of the time, the employees argue with the employers on their payroll. There's nothing wrong with demanding the wage one has worked for. But, it's exploited by many, so they argue with the employers, which sometimes culminates in conflicts at the workplace. These conflicts lead up to grudges, and the overall environment suffers. As a consequence of this, the quality too goes down the drain.

All this births from the arguments around payroll. Now, when idle time tracking software is installed – it's on automation and eliminates any likelihood of conflicts. Everything is recorded by a computer system that records the hours an employee either worked or not.

Build your Understanding

As a leader, your ultimate job is to make better decisions. This only is possible if you're well-versed with how your team works and who's a suitable match for a particular task. With idle time tracking software, you'll get a hold of how each works during office hours and those who spend most of their time staying inactive, hanging out, having breaks and all. With a detailed report before you, all you have to do is weigh the value each individual brings to the table.

You're then in a position even to fire if there need be.


Here in this article, we went through all the benefits of the idle time tracking software and what benefits you will leverage if you get one for your company or the startup.

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Try it out, and let us know how it went!