Hacks To Track Employee Hours with Accuracy and Minimal Effort

Tracking the employee hours is essential to ensure their maximum productivity and efficiency. Especially since work from home has become quite prevalent today, employers need to ensure that their employees work to their full potential and are doing justice to their wages.

But how can you track employee hours accurately? Also, you might have to spend a lot of time and effort tracking Some tips and hacks to ensure accurate timekeeping are mentioned below.

1. Manual Punch-in and Punch-out

If due, for some reason, you cannot afford to have a machine to track the employee hours, all the employees’ punch-in and punch-out ties can be done the old-fashioned way. You can create a record of their punches in a diary or a register. For this, you will need to keep a register at the entry and maintain the rule of writing the time every employee comes in and goes out.

This can either be done by a security guard or by the employees themselves. This method is simple, free, and requires no trainingthe hours worked by your employees.

Multiple time clock software to track employee hours are available in the app store of Microsoft and apple. You can install them into the systems of your employees. The employees just need to start the clock when they begin the work, take a break whenever needed by pausing the clock, and then stop the clock when their shift is over.

You just need to download the application to their PCs, assign an employee ID to each employee, and you will get the comprehensive data of their login time each day. However, you need to make sure your employees do not false pretend to be working with the clock on while all they are doing is scrolling through their

If you want to track the employee hours of an employee with a field job, you should make use of a GPS tracking facility. You can do this by creating a kind of Geofence or a boundary around your working site. As soon as the employee enters the site, his tracking time begins.

However, if he leaves the site, his time will be punched out. You can thus have complete knowledge of the whereabouts of your employees during their work hours. You should ensure that the prerequisites for the GPS to be launched and used in the mobile of an employee are fulfilled.

2. Biometric Identification

This is the most common method of noting down the working hours of an employee. Through any biological feature such as the fingerprint, or the face, an employee can log into the time tracking system of the company. This is an accurate and time-saving system, only the person whose information is stored in the system can punch in or out for himself, and there can be no falsifying of the working hours.

3. Web-Based Tracking

You can use the browser or web-based plugin to track employee hours if most of the work done by them is on a particular browser. This way, you can also track the URLs visited by them. This can describe their productivity better.

If the employees work for a specific client who wants to know their log time or the time spent by them on a project, it can also be tracked by a web-based or browser-based tracking system. Timesheets are created accordingly, and both the client as well as the employee has their details.

4. Wall Mount Card Swipes

This is another prevalent method of recording the entering and exit time of the employee. You can provide them with cards, each with a unique Id, without which they will not be able to open the locked doors of their cabins or the company office. This will automatically record the total time spent by them in the office premises or their cabin and highlight their productivity. It is a simple way to conduct time tracking. However, it might be a bit costly and may not be afforded by every company.

5. Automated Solutions

The market is bombarded with multiple solutions to track employee hours and productivity. Companies ranging from large to small can make use of these automated solutions, such as timekeeping software, CMS, etc., to get the accurate accounts of the employees. They do not require any effort from your side and are not too costly. They even help you in calculating the payroll of each employee. These automated solutions make the time-tracking of the employees effortless and accurate.