Hacks and Tips for Time Tracking and Productivity

Whether you are an employer, an employee, or a freelancer, time management is an essential task for you to do. This can facilitate efficient working and is based on the principle- of “smart work, not hard work”! Therefore, one most vital practice for you to perform should be that of time tracking. No matter how hard you work, it cannot be sufficient if you are productive enough to be considered.

Time tracking refers to noting down the time you’ve worked for your boss, your client, or on a specific project in a particular time frame. This can help you conduct smart work. You can also use time tracking and billing software to ensure efficient time tracking and productivity. Mentioned later in the article are some tips and hacks to increase productivity and conduct efficient time tracking.

Tips to Improve Productivity

Below are some tips that can assist you in boosting your productivity, whether you work from the office or home.

1. Identify the Time When You are Your Most-Productive Self.

An hour of productive work equals about 10 hours of non-productive work. If you are ready to work with total concentration and a fresh mind, you will be able to achieve in a bit of time what you cannot in a whole day, given you are not attentive and ready.

Therefore, you need to assess the time when you are the most productive. This way, you can give your best to your organization or your client.

2. Prioritize Tasks

Do first things first. You know which project deadline is approaching and which client needs work done earlier. Accordingly, prioritize the critical tasks and keep the less-important jobs for a later time.

3. Handle Distractions

Distractions such as people or mobile phones. Once when getting into your head, are challenging to get away with. Therefore, you should ensure that while your productive time, you stay away from the distractions or do not let them play with your mind. You can try meditation to boost your concentration.

4. Take Breaks

It is evident to freshen up your mind from time to time. Therefore, you should take minor breaks now and then. Just ensure that your break does not turn into a leave!

5. Organize! Organize! Organize!

This is a critical step to ensuring productivity. First, you need to organize your tasks, projects, clients, and the day’s and week’s work. An organized work system will solve more than 50% of your problems, allowing you to work free of stress.

6. Make a Schedule

Make a schedule and adhere to it. Things that otherwise look difficult become so easy to accomplish when we make a schedule out of them. As a result, your mind becomes sorted and stress-free, and you can do work with calmness.

7. Take Pleasure in Your Work

If you take it as a job, it will continue haunting you. If you take it as a pleasure before you know you will do it! Start loving your work, and it will automatically turn out to be productive and efficient.

Hacks to Track Time

We have read why organizing and scheduling are essential. But most people are unaware of the fact that they need to track time to ensure that their time is adequately organized. Mentioned below are some of the hacks to track time accurately.

1. Acknowledge the Importance of Time Tracking

To perform efficient time tracking, you must first acknowledge the importance of time tracking and how it transforms the way you work.

Then, you should analyze the perspective with which you perform time tracking. For example, identify why you want to manage or track your time? For efficient work, more money, the next appraisal, etc.

2. Analyze Your Current Time Spending Patterns

You can track your time and improve your schedule only if you understand how you are spending your time now and the scope of improvement.

Only by identifying the mistakes in the current schedule can you improve them to perform better time management.

3. Create a Time Tracking Framework

Choosing a time tracking framework for your organization or individual work is quite essential. You can use the traditional methods such as noting the working hours on a paper or creating a timesheet on paper or the computer.

You can also make use of a stopwatch. The other way to do this efficiently is by utilizing online time tracking software.

4. Make Use of a Good Time Tracking Software

Giving the job of time tracking into the hands of the technology is a good option. For example, you can use project time tracking software to track your projects.

For larger firms, for tracking employee time tracking softwares can be used. In addition, it will help you perform multiple other tasks such as billing, budget calculations, client time tracking, etc.

5. Avoid Multitasking

For Effectively Manage and track your time, it is essential to eliminate the urge to multitask. As luring as it seems, multitasking often deteriorates the quality of all the tasks you decide to take up at once.

In addition, this makes you spend more time correcting the errors made by you than you would have spent in the first place if you had done both the tasks separately.

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